Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspired by Mrs. Mediocrity and the Pioneer Woman...

Two of the blogs that I follow are written by amazing and creative women. Both posted blogs that described things they love and things are they are grateful for. I decided to do something similar, tweaking to suit my own purpose. Doing this actually put me in a better state of mind. Thinking about what makes me happy and smile is a whole lot easier than focusing on the negative.  I should do this more often...

"Five things that I love and make me smile:"

1. Black raspberry soft serve with chocolate sprinkles on a sugar cone.

2. The swish swish sound of my skis as I glide down a mountain. 

3. Reading a book in a cozy spot and being so engrossed in it that I am completely unaware of what's going on around me.

4. Laying on the beach. The warm sun on me and waves crashes on the sand.

5. Sunsets on Lake Ontario.

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