Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the edge

 "My life is like a stroll upon the beach...,

As near the ocean’s edge as I can go..." 
-Henry David Thoreau

...Last week, I went to Long Beach Island, an 18-mile long strip of land just off the coast of New Jersey. And what a stay it was. I went with Alissa and I had some reservations,given some past skirmishes, but I think it only brought us closer. I think that happens when you have a new experience with a friend. It brings you together because you mutually experience things that invoke your senses. And when you have a memory of that sense or experience, you think of the other person.

It was just beautiful there. The weather was perfect. We stayed in a motel 200 feet away from the beach. One morning, I got up early and went for a run. I ended the run on the shore. The ocean was calm, with waves gently lapping the sand. The sun's rays reflected shimmery light off the water. The absence of the roar of the high tide pounding the beach left a tranquil solitude that I will never forget.
And I went surfing for the first time ever! That was an adventure! I'm hooked! It was difficult at first to get the movement and rhythm of standing on the board, but at the same time I felt so comfortable out on the water. I think the hardest part was paddling through the breaking waves. The falling was difficult, also, which happened often. And I didn't fall gracefully; it was like I was competing for the worst wipe out award! But what a sense of triumph I had when I stood up and rode the wave to the shore!

Now that my gypsying ways have ended (for the most part; a few side trips here and there. A gypsy can never stop in one place for too long, after all...) this summer, I can focus on life here and {slowly} switch gears for September. Because whether I like it or not, it's almost August and that means summer is almost over. But what a summer it's been...

"she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land just like she's walking on a wire in the circus."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer is delicious

I spent the first 2 weeks of summer gypsying around, spending time with friends and family. I've had some great times and wonderful, fun experiences. Here are some "wordbytes," if you will...

...Reading a 400-page book during a lazy, rainy day...

...Watching Natalie and Emma share a towel and eat potato chips on a perfect day at the beach...

...Sailing for the first time ever...

...Spending a full week with my mom...

...Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live...

...Sumptuous dinners in Canandaigua...

...Getting hit on by a redneck at a car race...

...Running around a reservoir and down a tree-lined path...

...Now that I've settled back down from my travels, it's time for another adventure! Destination: Long Beach Island, NJ. I'm sure I'll have some blog-worthy stories to share upon my return...

...Lately, it feels like there has been a ripening of my soul, like delicious piece of fruit. Is this happiness? In the back of my mind, there's always a voice warning me to expect misfortune and bad luck. And I'm sure some adversity is bound to happen at some time or other. But please, let me enjoy the warm sun on my skin and life ripening before my eyes. Ah, summer...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my gypsy ways

There's a feeling I get
when I hear the rustling of the trees.

As the wind rushes past me 
and through the leaf-heavy branches.

Waiting for the end of the cascading wind 
and the eerie silence that follows.
The silence that soothes and comforts, 
but beckons for more.

I yearn to go
where I choose.
I want to feel the impact of others 
as I 
rush by.

Nothing to hold me back
the air.