Saturday, February 20, 2010


For the past week, I have been been having some adventures in dogsitting. Above are Jessie and Asticou, sibling springer spaniels. Spunky, rambunctious, pups who have a taste for expensive shoes. Here is their daily routine:

-Wake up at 6AM, bark on and off til about 8 when their dogsitter finally rolls out of bed.
-Let out and roll about in the snow and roll over each other.
-Breakfast in the barn! Not just any ol'dog food will do. Ingredients: 1 cup of dog food, spoonful of canned food, dollop of yogurt, spoonful of wheat germ oil for shiny coats. Whew! Asticou does this little spin, as if he's catching his nub of a tail, right before I place the food down on the ground. They sit, in anticipation, before I give them signal and they race toward the bowls and devour their meal in seconds.
-Play outside within the confines of the invisible fence.
-Come inside, racing through the house.
-After drinking some water, they pass out on their bed for their midmorning nap.
-Go outside again
-Come inside, wrestle and hump each other to assert their dominance.
-Another nap.
-Dinner! Same as breakfast with the addition of a puppy vitamin. These dogs eat better than some humans. Talk about a well-rounded diet.
-More outside and snow play. They dig in the snow looking for sticks.
-After another romp showing who is boss, there is a cuddle sesh on the couch. Asticou has some junk in the trunk so it's a struggle to get him on the couch. I typically have to give him a little boost. Jessie gets mad when Asticou gets some attention so he pushes Asticou to the side and sits right on my chest. Ah, sibling rivalry at its finest...
-One final out then it's bed time in the crate, where they sleep side by side.

So, as mentioned, they have a taste for expensive shoes. I didn't think they were the shoe-eating type, but apparently they enjoy a good shoe. I had two pair of shoes. A blue pair of Merrells from Kelly and some fake Uggs from Target. And of course they went for the Merrells. They were completely decimated. Pieces were everywhere, there was no hope for those cute pair of shoes. I was so mad! I think they are still in the proverbial doghouse.

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  1. that is SO WRONG! maybe merrells taste better than Uggs....
    so i finally showed your dad mrs mediocrity and he said it was "self-indulgent." I knew there was a reason I wasn't showiing it to him...