Monday, February 22, 2010

And it's so hard to do and so easy to say

Back to work after a week off. I can't believe I was somewhat looking forward to it (gasp). Looking forward to not so much the stress but the routine of it all. The week off from school and dogsitting was enjoyable but the lack of routine wreaked havoc. Havoc on my diet, my exercise regimen, and my wall of contentment that has been precariously close to toppling over.

I liked being alone in the country, but even though I did things with friends and the upcoming musical, I got sick of myself.

Definitely hit a speed bump.

Feeling a little down.

Missing Ty. Constantly thinking about what he's doing. Who he is seeing.

Hoping a busy week and a good weekend planned can help me get over it.

I think I also have to realize that it's okay to be sad. Feeling sad doesn't have to pull me under like it usually does. I just need to stay focused on where I am, not where I was. And let the sadness wash over me and go away instead of holding onto it.

Hopefully I'll have a cheerier post next time...Something happy to end with, however. I love the beach and hopefully I'll be there in over a month..Ahh sweet release.


  1. it is okay to be sad, it is normal to mourn a relationship...i think you are doing the right thing. keep moving forward, cherish the past but look to the present, the future.
    I recently added to my journal this: 5 things I am grateful for (everyday). can be silly, profound whatever. It helps you find something good, something positive, in every day.

  2. Good idea! Thanks for you wise words, as always!