Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I long to be a blonde by the ocean

Judging by my blog's web address, one would think that I live somewhere on the coast, within easy distance to the ocean.

That's so far from the truth. I live in the northeast, where all four seasons exhibit their splendor and wreak their havoc.

This week, however, I can live out that ideal. I'm visiting my grandparents in Boynton Beach, located on the eastern coast of Florida. Ten minutes from the beach. Glorious.

I went to the beach today and I was reminded of how calming the deafening roar of the waves can be. Now, this isn't a private, exclusive beach; it's a run-of-the mill semi-public beach. I've been there dozens of times.

However, going there makes me forget the spinning wheels in my head and focus on my senses, which I believe people can easily tune out.

The touch of the hot, grainy sand...
The taste of salt on your lips...
The sound of the waves incessantly pounding the shore...
The smell of the fresh, salty air...
The multitude of blues and greens, so mercurial, that color the ocean.

I would describe myself as a water person, so it's no surprise that I have such an affinity to the ocean. It's a getaway from reality. Could I get my insurance to cover the expenses as counseling?

Even though I'm thinking about renaming my blog, it doesn't change the fact I want to be a blonde (albeit dirty) by the ocean.

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  1. oh it sounds so lovely...enjoy yourself this so deserve it!