Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teaching is like a battlefield.

Each side considers the other a foe and schemes to capitalize on their enemy's weakness. To beat them to a bloody pulp. Sometimes there is a clear victor, sometimes there is a stalemate. Either outcome leaves casualties littering the ground.

A typical casualty is my sanity and patience.

Often I find myself working harder than my students. Sometimes I can bend and not break with their silly immaturities. Other times it's the pettiest infraction that sends me flying.

No, you cannot just sit there doing absolutely nothing because you don't have a pencil. Yes, that's right. Use your big kid words and ask for one.

That's okay, just stare at me blankly when I ask you a question. I like talking to myself.

Those feelings of defeat and frustration leave me deflated like a sad balloon leftover and forgotten at a birthday party.

After days like these, I need to get to my happy place. Here are some ways I find my happy place:

* Singing loudly with one of my favorite songs. Even though I sound like a poor animal dying...

*Getting outdoors. There is something invigorating about getting out and smelling the air and doing something with my body that prevents my mind from spinning wheels...

*Ice cream. Any kind. Preferably by the pint.

*Laughing uncontrollably until I cry. Then crying.

*Reading. I love being so engrossed in someone else's issues instead of my own

*When all else fails, open a bottle of wine or a cold beer. Or both.

What does my happy place look like? Something like this...

And this...

Or even this...

What does your happy place look like?

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  1. I'm pretty sure you know what my happy place looks like. That was really great, seriously, your voice has emerged! I'm so glad you let it out of the closet...