Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Steaming Earl Grey and some perspective

Today it was really hard to just "live my life without making any decisions." I said it before and I'll say it again: Teaching is a great form of birth control. I just let the little teenagers get the best of me. I try not to engage in their immature baiting, but I can't help myself! Maybe that's because I have done the same immature baiting before with people and I know it's quite effective. Hmm...

As I was doing my laundry, I went to A Perfect Blend, got some Earl Grey tea and started reading Bird by Bird. I think it's inspired me to keep writing, reading, reflecting, and living. I wanted to quit today and give in the dark side of myself that often beckons me with its bony finger and pulls me under. The simple act of reading and making an effort to write pulled me back.

Now my pillow calls to me with its warm embrace. To be able to get something down has actually calmed me, albeit it wasn't the most substantial piece of writing. However, I usually take these thoughts with me to bed which leads to relentless tossing and turning, but I hope articulating my thoughts has kept them here, for now.

Til next time...

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