Monday, January 25, 2010

Chose Word Poem Based on objects at A Perfect Blend

I don't really like this poem (what a great introduction), but I wrote it at A Perfect Blend on Sunday so I felt obligated to rework it. Here is the finished project.

Chosen Words: Living, Pine Cones, Green

Sweltering day at camp
The trees stagnant
with the absence of
a cool breeze.
I go for a walk.

I follow the path cleared by
A machete,
Across the old wooden bridge where
Dad and Kelly were married.

I carefully avoid the
prickly bushes that extend
their arms into my path.

I go deeper into the woods.
The heat does not relent.

I reach the field.
The wide, green expanse opens up
Before me.
Inviting me in.

I continue on the path,
Making my way back to the
Evergreen trees in the back.
Beckoning me with the promise of respite.

When I reach my place
of desire,
There is a noticeable change
In the overhead space.

The air is not stifling,
But cool, quiet, still.
Pine needles and decaying cones
Litter the ground.

As a respite from the heat,
The pine trees mute
The noisy hot and shield
The sky.
It feels like another world,
Providing shade and solace.

This is living.
When confronted with
The heavy, and the oppressive heat,
One seeks the airy coolness.

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