Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's all about perspective...

Last summer, I took a digital photography class. One assignment was to take multiple pictures using various techniques we learned.

It was late afternoon and dusk was approaching. I began by walking around my neighborhood and, seized by some inspiration, jumped in my car on a mission for shots before the sky lost its warm, dusky glow.

One of my first stops was a hotel parking lot in East Greenbush, where there is a commanding view of Albany and the Helderbergs. It's one of my favorite views I've found since moving here. This was an exercise in "rule of thirds."

Next, I hopped on 787 and headed to Empire State Plaza, where the state capital and other government buildings are located. When I lived up the street from it I would go there often just to take in the geometric shapes and unique architecture.

I walked around, talking different shots of the buildings, the man-made pond located in the center of the plaza, and sculptures.

I took this picture laying down on the grass, under a metallic sculpture of two intertwning cubes. It was meant to show motion and composition.

I liked this picture so much I hung it up at work. I was looking at it today and it got me thinking about perspective. When I was photographing the sculpture, I took multiple pictures of the same object, but from the different angles and perspectives. Each shot looked entirely different.

This goes for life as well. Similar events and experiences shared by different people and the experiences take on multiple meanings and outcomes. People have their own way of seeing things.

I am always struck by how my brother and I have completely different perspectives of our parent's divorce. We both went through it, yet it shaped our lives differently.

Sometimes, when I struggle to understand him, as well as others, I wonder if my perspective is too limited.

Am I looking too close to see the big picture?

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  1. This was great post Kim. The photo are great, as are the words. I think you are exactly right, everyone sees their own view of their own reality. Even in the same situation. Our personalities filter our vision.
    I have experienced the same thing with my brother, he sees our childhood in a completely different way than I do. Sometimes we don't see the forest through the trees. But sometimes, we are looking at a completely different forest.