Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anything Goes...

It's weird how life can get in the way of living.

For the past four months, I have been overtaken by the musical fever. I was the costume manager for my high school's production of "Anything Goes." Olivia, the old costume manager-now director made the job seem so easy and uncomplicated. "All you do is taken measurements and hang out backstage during in case there is a wardrobe malfunction." No such thing. The last few weeks were particularly hectic, hence the lack of blog posts and overall living. You should have seen my apartment's state of disarray. It invaded my life, yet I would do it again.

Back to it being "really easy:" Olivia definitely didn't tell me about the late nights, the multiple finger pricks from the countless sewing and pining of costumes, the "underwear parties" held by the actors, or the totally inappropriateness of the kids backstage (I thought I had a bad mouth!). While it was stressful, it ended up being a great experience. The kids were so amazing and talented. It was refreshing to work with kids who loved what they were doing, who were motivated, and who didn't hate me. 

It felt good to be a part of something special. I also realized I am capable to doing something I thought I couldn't do. Having the right frame of mind goes a long way.

The 2-month mark has passed. Let's assess my clarity thus far:

Ex-boyfriend and love life: Outlook not good. Heaven help me, where are all the eligible bachelors!? I am not looking for a committed relationship, rather a nice boy who like to spend time with me. It's obvious that I can be on my own, but seriously.

Ty and I have been texting each other. At first it's been a random occurrence, but within the last week or so it's been more and more. Originally I thought it would be good to see each other and catch up. As I write this, though, I'm realizing it's not such a good thing. Bad idea. Apparently he didn't know there is an expiration date for break-up sex requests.

Job: Push.  While the musical was an overall good experience, I am wavering in other aspects of the job. I am gaining momentum and confidence in some areas, like the work I do one-on-one and my abilities to sound halfway intelligent to my colleagues, and giving up in other areas, like trying to get people to like me and some of the push-in teaching work.

School budget woes prevent any job changes and I know that I'm here for at least another year, in time to be tenured. I'll go from there.

Living: Looking up. I still feel like I am in better place than I was 2 months ago. While the ex is creeping back, I'm doing okay with making my way through this crazy place. The secret is staying busy, staying physically active, and being thankful for what I have and not mad for what I don't have. 

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