Sunday, June 20, 2010

what i've learned from my dad

My dad is a man's man. He grills. He golfs. He drinks beer. But he also is the type of man whose life has taught him many things, and in many difficult and happy ways. When I least expect it he offers up little nuggets of wisdom that's held true for him, and me as well.

Still waters run deep.

Here is just a sampling of what I've learned from my dad.

Be clean.

Have a sense of humor.

You have to see the forest through the trees.

Your health is the most important thing. 

Running, even when you're hungover, is the key to physical fitness.

Take good care of your car.

Preparation is imperative for work and play.

Naps can do wonders.

While it's easy to be bitter, the truth is you have to be accepting of others. 

Don't owe anyone money if you can help it (this is a lesson I have yet to learn...).

When you really love someone, you show it in your own way.

No regrets.

Happy father's day, Dad.

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